The quality of your trade directly depends on a chosen strategy and your analytical abilities. However, the technical side is important as well. Beograd investment offers its clients a full cycle of support on any trading activity in the field of online investments, relying on NDD / ECN, the fast order execution system. We provide you with access to market transactions and current quotes, allowing you to instantly open and close transactions.

Trading hours: from Monday 00:05 GMT +2 to Friday 23:55 GMT +2

Please note: there are assets, whose trading schedule may differ from the standard exchange week. To clarify the trading hours of selected financial tools, please open your trading terminal and read information on the tool you are interested in.

Time for trading

Market opening is the period when the most profitable and at the same time the most risky operations are carried out, as tens of thousands of traders enter the market at that moment. Price fluctuations can bring you an ultimate profit, or show the high volatility with low liquidity of your assets. Thus, the spreads and the term of execution of orders during the opening period may not meet your expectations and can bring unpredictable results.

Orders Execution

Beograd investment constantly works to improve the execution of orders, that’s why we are ready to make you an optimal trading offer:

  • Additional indicators, signal services, advisors and automatic trading algorithms are allowed
  • We achieved the absence of requotes and ensured the absence of delays in the order execution
  • There is a consistently high liquidity of financial instruments on our trading platform
  • Scalping and trading on the platform are allowed

Your orders are processed around the clock five days a week

Beograd investment is a platform for online trading, focused on the efficiency of financial decisions in a volatile market environment. We provide all the opportunities for profitability of your investments, with fast transactions and accurate quotes corresponded to the current moment.

The client accepts all the terms of the filling out the registration form when opening a trading account.